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Monday, May 6, 2013

Announcing Honourary Patron Reverend Wesley Oake

It’s our pleasure to announce that Rev. Wesley Oake has kindly consented to be Honourary Patron for the Gander Memorial Heritage Park.

Rev. Wesley Oake, Honourary Patron for the Gander Memorial Heritage Park

Rev. Oake is a veteran of WWII having served with the 166th Royal Newfoundland Field Artillery Regiment overseas in England, Africa and Italy. He was ordained a minister with the United Church of Canada in 1965 and had ministries in Newfoundland and Ontario before semi-retiring in 1987.

Born in Beaumont, Newfoundland, he now resides in Gander with his wife, Myrtle where he is very active in the community.

Rev. Oake is celebrating his 91st birthday on May 31st and to assist us with fundraising and in commemoration of his birthday, he is planning to parachute from an aircraft over Gander at 9100 feet and is hoping to raise at least $100.00 for each 100 feet.

Rev. Oake would greatly appreciate your support and we encourage you to be a sponsor for this courageous gentlemen.

[Gerard] In searching for something on Rev. Oake I came across this Gander Beacon newspaper atricle published on November 10 2011 titled Coffee With...Wesley Oake.

Carol Walsh, Committee Member / May 06, 2013

Let's all support Rev. Oake in this very brave feat. Contact any member of the Gander Heritage Memorial Park to be added to the pledge sheet. All members names and contact information are on the Contacts page.

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Thank you. Gerard


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Thanks for posting this.This is awesome!!

Gerard - Administrator said...

Facebook Comments without the Names:

#1: He walked to Appleton from Gander on his 90th Birthday. Quite the feat at any age.

#2: Rev Oake is a wonderful man and friend!!!!!!

#3: such a nice man!!

#4: Heard this man's name many a times in my home growing up, my grandparents spoke very highly of him when we were growing up, and he still his!!!

#5: Let's all support him in this very brave feat. Contact any member of the Gander Heritage Memorial Park to be added to the pledge sheet. All names and telephone numbers of members are on the website.