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Friday, August 1, 2014

Call for Artists

Gander Heritage Memorial Park, Inc.


Date Issued: July 31, 2014

Application Deadline: August 15, 2014

The Gander Heritage Memorial Park and Bell Aliant are seeking proposals from artists to showcase their work on a utility box located at corner of Lindbergh Road and Airport Boulevard, Gander NL. The art should relate to the area where the utility box is located and reflect the values and intentions of the Gander Heritage Memorial Park. Additional consideration can be given to a project that showcases Gander's Aviation, Military, or historic heritage. We suggest you visit our website to familiarize yourself with the Park's concept at:


This Call for Artists is open to all adult and student practicing artists. The Call is also open to Art Teachers that are interested in mentoring a group of students. The artists may enlist assistants to help them complete the project. The art may include the name of the artist and the sponsor.


Bell Aliant has generously donated $500.00 to the project. Mike Fantuz of Fantuz Artworks has donated an additional $250.00 to the winning entry. However, as the Park is being constructed from monies collected entirely through donations, gratuitous services, and Federal, Provincial and Municipal assistance, other costs may not be covered so we ask that you submit a quotation with your proposal.

Description and Location of Utility Box

The utility box, located at the Gander Memorial Heritage Park (formerly known as The Cenotaph), is 58" wide, 53" high, and 11½" deep. It is currently brown and will require several sequential applications of paint to complete the project (1. sand, 2. prime, 3. paint, 4. finish with anti-graffiti clear coat). The box is visible to pedestrian, automobile, and other passing traffic. The proposed Utility Box Mural art must be acrylic paint and cover all four sides and the top of the box.

Artist Submission

Artists can submit more than one concept for the same location.

Artists are responsible for prepping and painting the utility box. An anti-graffiti clear coat must be applied to protect the art upon completion.

All entries must be an original design and artwork must be respectful and must be suitable for viewing by all ages. Entries that use a copyrighted or trademarked image will not be accepted. In addition, the art must not be plagiarized, stolen, or copied from any other source. Entries must not defame or invade the rights of any person, living or dead.

The artwork is a long-term installation and will become the property of the Town of Gander, as is the Park. The artist will be responsible to ensure the painting retains its original status. The artist will retain all copyrights.

The art cannot restrict any vents or airflow through the box. Bell Aliant Maintenance crews must be able to fully access the components inside the box at all times.

How to Apply for this Call

To apply for this project, please email a digital copy of your proposal(s) to or by mail to: Maxine Smith, P.O. Box 574, Gander, NL. A1V 2E1. If you have any question, please contact or telephone 709-256-2770.

With your submission, please include the following:
  • Name, address, phone and email. Artist website link or samples of past artistry.
  • A concept drawing that shows the front, sides, and top of the utility box. Submissions may be hand drawn or computer generated.
  • All visuals including utility box designs must meet the online format specifications required for uploading: File type: JPG.

As work is ongoing at the Park currently and as weather and conditions will certainly play a role in completion of the mural, we ask that you include with your proposal, a date you expect to commence and complete the painting. Only an artist can determine if painting the mural is possible with the current conditions of the park.

Artist Selection Process

The Selection Committee will consist of members of the Gander Heritage Memorial Park and one visual art professional that is not a current member of the Park and who has not submitted a proposal. The Selection Committee will recommend which mural will be completed and it must meet the approval of Bell Aliant.

Selection Criteria

The Selection Committee will consider the following when making the selection for the project:
  • Artistic excellence, innovation, and originality.
  • Does the art meet the goals of the project?
  • Does the art relate to the area where the utility box is located?
  • Does the art show Gander's cultural diversity, historic heritage, or a key activity?

If you are selected to complete a Utility Box Mural

The selected artist and all assistants must attend a meeting on a convenient date to discuss the commission and address any other relevant information.

All artists must sign a liability release before beginning work on the selected utility box.

The artist is responsible for obtaining the necessary art supplies and we suggest a safety vest be worn for clear visibility at the site.

The painting of murals on utility boxes is common around the world, however, this will be a first for the Town of Gander and I am sure, will set a precedent and you will see a lot more calls to paint these boxes around town.

The artist cannot begin the installation on the selected utility box until all liability and contract forms are completed and submitted to the committee representing the Gander Heritage Memorial Park. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian is required to sign all forms.


Please contact Maxine Smith, or tel. 709-256-2770.


Maxine Smith, Committee Member / July 31, 2014

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