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Saturday, December 7, 2013

UPDATED: Gander Heritage Memorial Park Fundraising Variety Concert

UPDATED: December 6 2013

On Thursday November 14, 2013 a variety concert was held as a fundraiser for Gander Heritage Memorial Park. The concert, held at the Smallwood Arts and Culture Centre, featured local entertainers who donated their time and talents to assist in raising money for construction of the park.

Mike Aucoin and John Walsh opened the show with an appropriate selection of songs for Remembrance Day observed earlier in the week. Celtic dancers from Rhonda O'Brien's Gander Dance Studio entertained the audience with a dazzling display of footwork. Three groups of young ladies, representing elementary, intermediate and high school age groups, were indeed crowd pleasers. Jackie Watkins and Legacy performed a set of familiar songs followed by the duo of Sheldon McBreairty and Kenny Campbell, performing some of their original compositions.

Kim Wiseman's Studio, a group of high school girls, gave an entertaining performance, followed by Kim's Chorus. This adult choir has a joyous sound and is a pure pleasure to hear. Kim also entertained with a solo and piano accompaniment. She and her groups were a wonderful addition to our concert.

A video presentation about Sergeant Gander, prepared by Carol Walsh, was shown. This introduced the heroic animal to those who were unfamiliar with his history while confirming his life-saving sacrifice to those who had knowledge of him.

All the performers are owed a great vote of thanks for their entertainment. They, along with the staff at the Smallwood Centre, were a pleasure to work with. We also acknowledge VOCM, CBG, Rogers Cable and the Beacon for advertising the event.

During the show, Chairman Wilson Hoffe gave an overview of the Park and the progress to date. He introduced Gerald Saunders, Chair of the Gander Co-op 50/50 draw, who presented us with a cheque for $10,000.00. This is a very welcome donation, the second from this group, and we are grateful to all involved in the 50/50 draw for their generosity.

Despite a very busy season at the Smallwood Centre with several performances weekly, we should realize in excess of $1,300.00 profit from the event.

The Park committee would like to thank all the people who assisted us and remind everyone that we are still collecting. It will take a lot of money to complete the project.

The Variety Concert Program

You can view this Variety Concert Program PDF in a new window by clicking on this pop-out icon or on the same icon in the upper right hand corner of the above preview.

Bill Kelly / Concert Coordinator / December 06, 2013

ORIGINAL: November 1 2013

A variety concert in aid of the Park will be held at the Arts & Culture Centre, Gander on November 14, 2013 at 7:30 pm.

You can view this Variety Concert Poster PDF in a new window by clicking on this pop-out icon or on the same icon in the upper right hand corner of the above preview.

Check out the event here by visiting the Gander Arts & Culture Centre website!

Carol Walsh / November 01, 2013

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