Gander Heritage Memorial Park

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Monuments

"Winged Victory"

This is the present cenotaph. It is being restored to its original state and repositioned to another area in the Park and facing to the east.

Winged Victory

"The Newfoundland Airmen’s Memorial"

This monument is dedicated to all Newfoundland airmen who lost their lives while serving with the Allied forces in World War II including the 125th Newfoundland Squadron of the RAF. This monument consists of 7 granite slabs and stands 20 feet at its center.

The Newfoundland Airmen's Memorial

"The Compassion Monument"

The monument evokes the image of the tailfin of an Airbus A340-300 and encases two recovered pieces of steel from the World Trade Center in New York City. The monument stands 12 feet high overall and is constructed mainly of polished black granite with a stylized globe. Its represents the contribution made by the citizens of Gander as they hosted thousands of stranded passengers on September 11, 2001.

The Compassion Monument

"Sgt. Gander, Regimental Mascot of the Royal Rifles of Canada"

This monument will consist of a life size statue of a sitting Sgt. Gander together with his standing soldier handler. It will be positioned so that it appears as if the dog and soldier are guarding the "Winged Victory".

Sgt. Gander, Regimental Mascot of the Royal Rifles of Canada

"Wall of Black Granite"

A long, low black granite wall (10m long x 1m height) will be set back from one side of the north / south runway and it will be inscribed with plaques commemorating the various air disasters which occurred at Gander.

Carol Walsh / September 27, 2012

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