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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Labatt Breweries of Canada Donates to the Park
"Donations" page update as of September 12, 2014

We are extremely grateful to Mr. Wade Keller, Director of Corporate Affairs for Atlantic Canada for Labatt Breweries for their generous donation.

Pat Brazil, Committee Member accepts a $1,000 donation from Justin Rogers, Labatt Representative for Gander. Thank you Labatts!

Maxine Smith, Committee Member / September 12, 2014

We now have an updated Donations page and an updated Donations Progress Bar with an updated Ticker on the right. As of September 12 2014 we have achieved 78.3% of our target which amounts to $423,023 of our target total of $540,000. Thank you to all who have donated your time or financial aid ... much appreciated! The progress bar now depicts the percentage based on the new budget target.

On the Donations page I updated sections Small Business Donors and Individual Donors!

to jump to the updated Donations page to view all updated sections.

We now acknowledge donations made In memory of. The committee is looking at a plaque of some type to be permanently mounted at the Gander Heritage Memorial Park site acknowledging these individual donations. Both PayPal and the Town of Gander have no means of recording the donation made In memory of. If you want your name to appear as a donor In memory of on this website please email our Site Administrator Gerard at or Committee Member Maxine at and your donation will be recorded as such and will be shown as In memory of.

If you don't want your name to appear as a donor on this website please email our Site Administrator Gerard at or Committee Member Maxine at and your donation will be shown as anonymous.

You may purchase plaza stones by simply making your donation in the same manner as detailed on this website and then send a short email to Maxine denoting that the donation is for the "purchase of paving stone(s)". Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued by the Town of Gander.

Gerard McCarthy / September 12, 2014

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